Home Maintenance Tips

As an Hillsdale Community homeowner, you are required to maintain your home and property to certain standards. This ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhoods, but contributes to the safety of your family and other homeowners, and ultimately impacts the property values of our entire community. This page hosts tips for maintaining your home, its curb appeal, and the overall aesthetic of our community.


  • Powerwash your home each year – this will help protect the longevity of the siding by removing seasonal build up from weather.
  • Store trash cans behind your fence or in your home – this improves the community appearance.
  • Tend to your lawn as needed, but minimally monthly – this prevents shrubs from overgrowing, allows grass to grow without the weight of leaves, and provides a polished appearance to the neighborhood.
  • Do not store appliances, tools, or equipment in your front yard – this distracts from the community appearance. Consider buying a storage bench for your front porch to conveniently house smaller items that can be stored.

House for Sale?

Thinking of selling? Maybe you would like a tip or advice to help sale and closing go smoothly? Give the ACC Chair a call or email to request an inspection prior to the requirement for one. Getting work done ahead of time will maybe entice a nice buyer quickly and make closing day occur promptly without an ACC repair delay.

Reference Documents

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