ACC Applications

Submit all applications to the Hillsdale Community Association at P.O. Box 10520, Burke, VA 22009-0520, by registered or certified mail (receipt requested), whether for permanent or temporary modifications. If complete, the application will be approved, conditionally approved, or disapproved, by the Architectural Control Committee within sixty (60) days or less. No work shall commence until the homeowner has received written approval. Download the application below:

Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed for completeness. If the application is incomplete, it will be disapproved and returned to the homeowner immediately, with a request for the missing information. The homeowner may then revise the application as required and resubmit the application for consideration. If the application is complete, the homeowner will be so notified and the review process will begin.

The Architectural Control Committee must review each application, approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the application, and notify the homeowner within sixty ( 60) days of submission. The homeowner may request an opportunity to appear in person before the ACC during the meeting at which their application is being considered, in order to present their application and answer any questions the ACC may have about the proposed alteration. The homeowner will be notified of the decision of the Architectural Control Committee as expeditiously as possible. Informal notifications will be followed by formal written notification, delivered by mail to the applicant’s address.

Consistent with Article VI, Section 3 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, in the event that the Architectural Control Committee fails to approve, modify or disapprove a correctly filed application within sixty (60) days of a properly submitted application, approval shall be deemed granted, except for those applications for additions or alterations that are prohibited under these Architectural Standards and Guidelines, in which case no disapproval is necessary to uphold the prohibited additions or alterations.

Further, in the event that the Architectural Control Committee requests that the Owner supplement or amend their application, the sixty (60) day period of review will automatically be extended for as long as is reasonably required by the Architectural Control Committee. In addition, if the Architectural Control Committee requests that the Owner supplements or amends their application and Owner fails to provide the requested documents or amendments to the Architectural Control Committee within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Architectural Control Committee’s written request, the Owner’s application will be declared void, and subsequent documents submitted to the Architectural Control Committee will require the completion of a new application.

All approvals and other actions by the Architectural Control Committee shall be in writing. Further, no construction shall be deemed approved until after written approval has been received by the owner. In the event that construction is initiated prior to the receipt of written approval, owner bears all risks and liabilities if the application is not approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

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